Tororo municipality speaker threatens to turn council chambers a health centre


Tororo Municipal council speaker Gilgert Otim has threatened to ferry patients from Serena health centre II in Amagoro parish to the municipal council chambers for treatment if the council does not construct a toilet at the health facility.

Acting medical officer of health Issac Bwayo told the council meeting yesterday that the health facility faces threats of closure due to lack of a toilet.  

His disclosure raised bitterness among councilors towards the technical officers whom they tasked to explain where the 18 million shillings meant for Primary Health care meant for constructing the toilet at the health centre had gone.

The speaker then gave municipal council an ultimatum of up to 12 hours to procure a contractor to kick start the construction.

Jane Oketch , Amagoro woman councilor asked the council to reign in on the toilet crisis as soon as possible to recue nurses who have often been accused of using neighbor’s toilets