FDC’S Jack Wamai Bows Out Of Active Politics



The Member of Parliament for Mbale Municipality, Jack Wamai has quit active politics.

Speaking on the 1st of July, 2020 during the occasion to celebrate the elevation of Mbale Municipality to a City status, Wamai revealed how he will not contest again for a parliamentary seat.


Wamanga said that he had served to his expectations and is now satisfied after a successful bid to elevate Mbale to City Status.


Wamai who has represented Mbale Municipality for two terms on FDC ticket said he wants to leave the space for others to come in and serve the constituency with new energy and ideas.


Wamai’s declaration came as no surprise considering that his voters had become tired of him.


“Can you imagine Wamai called us to Mountain Inn in Namakwekwe and the man told us that one of his achievements is that he has constructed a flat for himself in Mbale and two other houses in Kampala! Is that an achievement for the Party?” A furious Mabonga Wilfred Oducha, one of the FDC diehards on Kumi road asked.


Besides such infuriating statements, Wamanga is known to be tight with money. It is reported that one time Wamanga invited voters to Mountain Inn this time on Majanga Road and did not appear. It was instead Honorable Nathan Nandala who cooled the situation by giving transport refund to the voters who had by then become rowdy.


This announcement leaves space for Lydia Wanyoto’s brother, Paul Wanyoto who is interested in representing Northern Division in Parliament on FDC ticket.


Well, Wamai has read the writing on the wall, how many other perennial Legislators are going to follow suit? Only time will tell.


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