MP NAMBOOZE ARREST: Here Are The Laughable Offences


The Member of Parliament for Mukono Municipality, Betty Nambooze was yesterday arrested for distributing masks to her constituents.


The charge sheet however has very laughable offences; It reads,

“Betty Nambooze without seeking permission from the authority together with others disobeyed the Presidential directives by:


  1. Going to Kame Valley Market
  2. Giving hundreds of Masks Green and red in colour to vendors.


  1. Failed to handover the masks she donated to the District Covd19 committee for distribution.


  1. Refused to drive her car to the Police when told to do so by Officers on duty.


Nambooze who later summarized the charge sheet said she really wants to be taken to court such that she tests out these offences related to disobeying Presidential directives.


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