Government Finally Lifts Suspension Of Fishing On Lake Kyoga


The over one year ban on all fishing activities on Lake Kyoga will be lifted end of this month.


Honorable Hellen Adoa, Minister of State for Fisheries and also Woman Member of Parliament for Serere District told website today 10th July that government will lift the ban on 27th July 2020.


Fishing on the lake was suspended last year on request by the district leaders under Lake Kyoga Integrated Management Organisation (LAKIMO) following concerns of depletion of fish species due to poor fishing methods.


The government announced plans to reopen the lake in December last year but this never came to pass. Later Adoa promised July 1st which also did not come to pass.


The Minister emphasized that the Lake will only be open to registered fishermen with standard boats and legal fishing gear,” she said.


A standard boat must be 28 feet long and each dealer must have only one boat.

However, NAFRRI research found out that the appropriate boats to be used on Lake Kyoga should be 24.6 feet since the lake is shallow.


Fishermen are also worried of the costs of the boats estimated at Shs2M moreover they will require engines to run them since the ordinary oars used by L. Kyoga fishermen cannot run them.




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