Ministry Of Health Official Arrested For Theft Of Mosquito Nets




An Operation’s Manager in charge of mosquito net distribution Tororo’s Western Division has been arrested for theft of the government nets.


Peter Issu was arrested yesterday morning together with the Local Council One Chairman Water Village in Western Division Awori Mary Lucy.


The duo now in police custody were arrested after police was tipped off by a whistleblower that two bales of mosquito nets being distributed by ministry of health had gone missing.



Tororo District Police Commander, Rodgers Chebene said the nets were picked from the division offices and taken to the LCI’s home where they were to be stored temporarily before distribution.


However by yesterday morning, the two bales of nets were missing from the chairperson’s home and it was upon this background that the two were arrested to explain the whereabouts of the nets.


According to the DPC, the nets were only supposed to be stored in the division offices and Bison Health Centre III still in Western division.


The DPC says, they two have been charged with theft of government stores.


Chebene says they have launched investigation into the matter that is likely to have the Division Assistant Town Clerk and other officers who had knowledge of the wrong storage of the nets.


Distribution of nets in Tororo district started on Saturday 11th July and currently the VHTs and LCI chairpersons are the ones spearheading the distribution in the district.





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