CAO Locks Employee in Toilet For 5 Hours, Dragged To Court

In Bugweri


The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Bugweri district has been sued for allegedly locking up a retired teacher in his toilet offices.

John Kayega the man who was locked up in toilet.


Johnathan Mukose is said to have locked up George Kayega, a retired teacher in a toilet at the district headquarters on July 13 this year.


Kayega had gone to cross check with the CAO as to why he had missed his pension for six months in a row.


Kayega was reportedly first assaulted by the CAO before being locked up in a toilet for over five hours.


Kayega, a former classroom teacher at Bubinga Muslim primary school located in Buyanga Sub County in Bugweri district had earlier suspected some foul play concerning his missing pension.



He had earlier retired from public service on medical grounds.


Kayega was only rescued by the district police commander Bugweri, John Nkundizana who rushed to the scene upon receiving information from the Resident District Commissioner, Gad Rugaju.


Now Kayega decided to file a case of assault and violation of his rights against Mukose at Iganga magistrate’s court.



Grade one magistrate Iganga, Yunus Ndiwalana during hearing session yesterday 5th Aug 2020 summoned Mukose to appear before court to defend himself against allegations leveled against him.


Ndiwalana said necessary action will be taken against the accused in case he failed to turn up on August 8 at Iganga magistrate’s court.


“I had gone to merely ask why I was not receiving my pension which am entitled to but instead I ended up being locked up in a toilet,” Kayega said.


Mukose was later summoned by police and recorded a statement at Bugweri central police station under CRB-36-2020.


Mukose when contacted on phone declined to comment on the issue.


“Why are you so much interested in negative issues from this side yet there are developmental issues to write about in the district,” he said.


Over 200 teachers and nurses have for the past six months gone without salary in the district.


Early last month, 100 members of the road gang stormed Bugweri district protesting the delay by authorities to have their wages paid for five months.


The protests paralyzed business at the district headquarters for over three hours as the members of the road gang shouted at the top of their voices threatening to close the doors to the district headquarters.


Mukose who was in office by then, quietly sneaked out through the back door.


The Resident District Commissioner Bugweri, Gad Rugaju said the delay to clear employee salaries on time was affecting service delivery.


Rugaju said there’s need by the relevant ministry to set up a committee to carry out investigations on why some of employees were not receiving salaries for the past few months.


“There is a belief that some employees are deliberately being blocked from receiving their salaries because they are opposed to the top leadership at the district,” he said.

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