Museveni Names Namuganza Among ‘Solid Group’ In NRM


President Yoweri Museveni has mentioned state minister for lands, Persis Namuganza among the group of young solid group in government.


Museveni made the remarks in a letter to Ugandans saying the government is a mixture of both the young and old who form a formidable working alliance.


“I am in leadership because my party nominated me and I accepted because I know there is work for all of us to do. The majority of the people in Govt are young people, but young people working with the old ones: Museveni, Moses Ali, Kivejinja, Rugunda etc yes; however, also Namuganza, Evelyn Anite, Kasolo, kibuule, Galabuzi, Tumwebaze, Kaducu, Bahati, Adoa, Kasule Lumumba etc. It is a solid group: ideology, experience and energy of youth in a combined package,” Museveni said.


He added, “To argue for only biology and not ideology is a disaster for the country.”


Namuganza is contesting for the NRM National Vice Chairperson post.


She early this week earned the endorsement of youth leaders in the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party for the position of National Vice Chairperson.


Namuganza is taking on Speaker Rebecca Kadaga for the position that will make her a Central Executive Committee (CEC) member of the party.


CEC is the NRM top decision making body of the ruling NRM. It should be recalled that Party boss, President Yoweri Museveni was endorsed by the NRM National Youth League boss, Gaddafi Nassur.


National Youth Council boss, Ibrahim Kitatta and Joseph Sewava, the NRM National Youth Coordinator are some of the NRM youth leaders who were present to endorse as the MP made her point about why she needs to be in the CEC.


Princess Persis who also serves as the country’s State Minister for Lands, insists it’s time for youthful leaders to take up party positions.


“We the young people should have space within our party. They should not be moving away to join other groups like People Power. They should have space within their party,” Namuganza said recently as she picked nomination forms.


She added, “The elders should continue to advise and guide us but we must fill these positions as youths so they can be in the backyard and guide us.”


Kadaga has held the position of the second NRM Vice-chairperson for over 10 years, however, it appears she will have a run for her money with Namuganza who seems to enjoy youth support.


“Young people should participate actively in democracy and party activities. I am here to raise their voices and as they participate in decision making of the party (at CEC),”Namuganza said recently.


Uganda is named among the youngest countries in the world.


Sewava re echoed the minister’s stance on the young people taking charge of party affairs.


“We want President Yoweri Museveni to allow Namuganza to be part of the CEC. A CEC member should be a mobiliser, active with a lot of energy in galvanising support for the party. You have seen that Namuganza is all that. We need such people who can mobilise for the party across the country. These positions need people who can serve such roles. Overtime, Namuganza has shown that she is dependable to do party work,” Sewava told us.


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