NRM Delegates Furious After Being Denied Access To Mukula’s Meeting




A section of Bukedi NRM delegates yesterday 3rd August cursed life after they were denied entry to Captain Mike Mukula’s meetings.


Mukula had organized his meetings both in Rock View Primary School And Tororo Girls Primary School.


In Rock View Primary, Mukula met the Butaleja and West Budama delegates while in Tororo Girl’s school, he met the Tororo county and Busia district delegates.


However there was drama at the entry gate when security denied some voters entrance over unjustified reasons.


Beatrice Nekesa, the Eastern Division Women League Vice Chairperson was found lamenting outside wondering why Mukula should be voted yet his team had denied them access to his venue.


“I wonder who will exactly vote Mukula, is it the security officers he has poured in the gate here or us whom he is now treating like dogs?” She wondered.


Steven Olebe, the Tororo Municipality Workers League Chairperson says he wonders why he was rejected yet he had received several invitation messages sent by Mukula’s mobilizers.



He wondered what type of leader Mukula is.


Ambassador Phibby Otaala, the Ugandan high commissioner to Nairobi while exiting the venue to go and receive Mukula from Tororo airfield was stopped by the delegates to explain why they were stopped from the gate.


Phibby said the team only invited the top district party officials and the sub county chairpersons due to limited space and resources.


Meanwhile Mukula continued with the meeting while the other delegates were outside where he assured voters of crashing the opposition in the region once voted again.


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