UNBELIEVABLE! RDC Arrested For Robbing Shs20000 From Deaf Man



The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Kole, Mr Johana Omara Olweny, has been charged with aggravated robbery of Shs20,000 and remanded to Lira government prison.


It is alleged that the RDC robbed Shs20,000 from a person with hearing impairment in the present Lira City in April, 2020.


Mr Olweny was arrested from Silver Peak Hotel in Lira City on Thursday (August 13) by a team of police detectives led by the North Kyoga Regional CID officer, Mr Hamis Mugenyi.


According to the prosecution, the RDC, who was armed on April 3, at Kakoge A in Ojwina Division (Lira City) attacked and tortured a person with a disability, Mr Ronald Opio, using a gun and robbed him of Shs20,000.


Mr Olweny was immediately led to Lira Court and appeared before Lira Grade 1 Magistrate, Mr Igga Adiru, who read to him two counts of aggravated robbery.


The magistrate remanded Olweny to prison until August 27 when he will reappear in court for further mention.


Mr Opio who had hearing impairment, suffered severe bodily injuries allegedly inflicted on him by the RDC and his bodyguards. He was admitted to Lira Regional Referral Hospital where he died on Monday, August 10.


The prosecution further alleges that on April 5, 2020 while at Kakoge ‘A’, Mr Olweny robbed Mr Jonal Okot, a male youth councillor of the then Ojwina Division Council of Shs300,000.


The prosecutor says the two charges are contrary to section 286/6 of the penal code Act. Magistrate Adiru told the court that the charges are capital in nature since the accused used deadly weapon to commit the crime and can only be tried by the High Court.


According to Mr Adiru, Olweny is, however, free to apply for bail.

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