REVEALED! Bebe Cool’s Son Died Of Covid – 19 Virus

By Markson Omagor


Gagamel singer, Allan Massengere alias Shortkut, a man Bebe Cool called his son died of Covid – 19 virus.


This was revealed by Bebe Cool yesterday while speaking to the media about the death of his son.


Shortcut passed away last week on Wednesday after spending 6 weeks in Intensive Care at Nsambya Hospital.


While at Nsambya Hospital, Shortcut was diagnosed to have tuberculosis and was accordingly treated for the same.


According to Bebe Cool, an uncle to the deceased and who actually raised him from 4 months old, Shortcut had problems with breathing and was continuously in and out of the Intensive Care Unit.


However, Bebe Cool came out yesterday to reveal that the Ministry of Health through KCCA informed him that Shortcut actually died of Covid – 19 while they were carrying out burial arrangements in Masaka.


“When Shortcut was admitted at Nsambya, we carried out two tests for Covid – 19. The first test came out negative and a certificate was issued to us. The second test was taken but the results had delayed to come,” Bebe Cool said in his revelation.


“On Wednesday, the day my son died, he relapsed again and was supposed to be taken to ICU. However, the ICU at Nsambya had been closed because some staff had tested Covid 19 positive. We were then forced to find an alternative hospital. First we tried Kiruddu but they needed a recent covid – 19 certificate before admission, other health facilities were full. It was Victoria hospital that accepted to admit us,” Bebe Cool said.


“However, he died soon on admission. Knowing that he died of TB, we arranged for his burial at our ancestral grounds in Masaka with a small group of friends,” Bebe Cool continued his narrative to the media.


“That Thursday, during the burial, I received a call from KCCA that the latest results indicated that Shortcut had the deadly virus,” He said.


Shortkut had been bedridden for over 40 days in intensive care unit (ICU).


Shortkut has not been a very popular musician but he has been with Bebe Cool for a very long time and released less known songs like Juliana, Tukaga among others under Bebe’s management.


Shortkut was among the three people who were shot together with Bebe Cool at Centenary park after performing at R. Kelly’s concert in 2010.


The two shared a close ride-or-die relationship and Bebe called him his son. There has not been a moment when they had been reported to clash. Shortkut was always respectful and thankful of his boss’ contribution to his life.

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