Mukula Ready For Election Repeat As Tanna’s Petition Goes To Museveni

Flight Captain Mike Mukula has said he is ready for an election re-run against his challenger, Sanjay Tanna should the NRM Party decide so.


Mukula was responding to an impending election petition filed by the Sanjay Tanna Team to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party Chairman and President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.


Speaking to Nbs television this morning, 26th Aug,2020, Mukula who appealed to Tanna to let the past go, said if the petition results into a re-run with Sanjay Tanna, he is ready.


“If a re-run is necessitated, I am as ready as yesterday. However, this is the time for us to come together as NRM and campaign for our candidate to get a landslide victory,” Mukula said from his Bugolobi home.


Tanna has petitioned President Museveni citing massive irregularities in the election of Mukula.


“A close scrutiny of photographic evidence shows that there was massive malpractice and we would like to invite the President to access camera footages, handwriting impressions of district resolutions to allow us prove our case further,” reads part of the petition to President Museveni.


The petition further avers that in districts where Mukula purportedly won, none delegates were made to vote and all of them voted in favour of Mukula.


“A case in point was in Mbale where the powers of the national chairman were abused by the NRM District Chairman, Mbale who invited 38 persons as special guests and they voted for Mukula to the dismay of genuine delegates,” the petition points out some areas of interest.


According to the petition, the method of writing and signing against candidates’ photos was manipulated by registrars who duped illiterate delegates to write and sign on their behalf.


The Tanna team already has this evidence.


Sanjay Tanna won 75% of Eastern region vote, won in the Northern and Karamoja regions and shared a nearly 50-50 vote in Western Uganda. The Buganda region is where Mukula is said to have won and this is what the Tanna team is contesting.


The petition assures the President that Eastern Uganda delegates who overwhelmingly voted for Sanjay Tanna are not willing to be subjected to a leadership they obviously voted out.


The recently conclude CEC elections had the Eastern slot as the more hotly contested seat with Tanga Odoi’s NRM Electoral commission declaring Mukula winner 12 hours after the declaration of all the other results.

Tanga Odoi declared that Mukula won after garnering 6,407 votes against Tanna’s 4,631 votes.


Whereas Odoi declared the other results at 2:00am of 21st of August, the declaration of the Eastern vote came 12 hours later at 2:00 pm the following day.


This alone has been quoted by the Tanna team as a reflection of vote rigging by the electoral commission in favour of Mukula.


The President’s intervention is now awaited by the Tanna Team before they can pursue legal redress.



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