SEX PERVERTED TOURIST, Mike Oliver, Now Says He Infected 57 Kenyan Babes With HIV


Mike Oliver, the Caucasian sex tourist who has rambled the media over his sex exploits now says he infected 57 Kenyan babes.

Oliver came to the news after he posted on his Facebook timeline, how he was able to sleep with many beautiful Kenyan babes. He also posted their pictures prompting a nationwide uproar.


A section literally hanged Oliver claiming he should be imprisoned for knowingly infecting Kenyan women. Others however, castigated the Kenyan babes for cheaply spreading their legs wide on seeing a few dollars and white skin.


Well, a few days ago, this website reported that Oliver had infected 15, now the man himself says he slept with 57 women live.


“I have had sex with 57 Kenyan women live. Bye bye, am now on my way back. To the 57 women, get ready to test and start treatment on ARVs after all the government gives them free. We must recolonize Africa again,” the sex pervert posted yesterday.


Oliver who said he came to Kenya to prove his friend’s claims that Kenyan women were loose, revealed that indeed he came saw, and conquered!



“When a friend of mine told me that Kenyan women are loose I didn’t believe, couldn’t believe it. Until I came to Kenya for a holiday with a mission,” Oliver said.



Oliver then revealed how he swung into action immediately with postpaid lodging services in major cities across Kenya.


“I indiscriminately went for them. Tall and short, Slim and fat, Single and taken, Married but loose. I left no stone unturned.” The unapologetic Oliver posted in his Facebook account.



“Today I agree with my friend’s assertion. In fact loose is understatement of what these women are. Just show them a dollar and you’ll see them shake,” Oliver bragged.





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