Tanga Odoi Disses Lydia Wanyoto As Connie Galiwango Awaits To Be Declared Winner


The Chairman NRM Electoral Commission has in his characteristic style bashed Lydia Wanyoto for trying to use her position in CEC to rig the Mbale District Woman MP Flagbearer primaries.


Tanga Odoi who appeared on Nbs Tv this morning the 7th of September 2020 said that it is very embarrassing for a member of CEC to cheat elections according to the evidence before him.


“It’s not me who will announce the results of Mbale, the team in Mbale will do that work because they know who won,” Tanga Odoi in a veiled reference to the fact that it is Connie Ggaliwango who actually won the elections.


He also bashed Lydia Wanyoto for threatening to carry two buses of her supporters to Kampala and carry out a demonstration.


“Even if you transport two buses of people to Kampala, that will not the change the results,” Odoi said.


This was in reaction to Wanyoto’s threats that Kampala people should not come to dictate on Mbale politics warning that she will transport her supporters to Kampala to demonstrate.


Tanga Odoi also revealed that results from the disputed sub counties of Bukonde and Lwaso will not be considered. This automatically gives Galiwango the win.


Meanwhile, celebrations are already underway in Mbale City where Connie Galiwango is revered for her stand on the lifting of the Age Limit.


During the plenary voting on the lifting of the Presidential Age Limit, Connie Galiwango to the surprise of many NRM MPs voted against arguing that her constituents had told her so. From then on, Connie’s popularity soared across the political divide.


The opposition on the other is smarting from the fact that Connie Galiwango will be declared winner. FDC in particular would have had a field day beating Wanyoto who is largely not popular in Mbale City especially after she was accused of abandoning her husband when he was sick.

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