LCV Goes Into Hiding Over Voters’ Shooting, Police Intensifies Hunt



The Katakwi Local Council Five Chairman is still in hiding after police launched a manhunt for him over voters’ shooting.


Walter Elakas Okiring went into hiding after police cited him in the election violence that claimed the life of one person on September 04, 2020.


According to David Ongom Mudong, the East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson, they are hunting for the whereabouts of the Chairman to answer charges electoral related violence


Mudong told this website that, whoever was involved in this violence is going to be arrested and charged accordingly.


Rodgers Kapere, the Katakwi District Police Commander without giving further details also said at least a total of six security officers have been arrested in connection to the shooting in Kapujan Sub County during the NRM primaries that led to the death of a 67 year old woman.


DPC Kapere also told this website that, the six officers are going to be charged with “Killing a person”.



The deceased identified as Teresa Akiror, a resident of Apule Village in Kapujan Sub County was killed by a stray bullet when violence ensued between the supporters of Elakas and Joseph Andrew Koluo, who were both contesting for Toroma County NRM Flag.


Elakas who was seen in a video trying to grab a gun from a Local Defense Unit- LDU personnel is wanted to answer the allegations of election violence.


Even though in the video there was no shootout, locals believe that Elakas wanted to get the gun to shoot at his rival’s supporters.


Local sources in Katakwi claim that the violence ensued after Apule Village Chairperson, Augustine Okello, who was an agent of Elakas started pulling voters from Koluo’s line to join his team.

One of the sources who preferred anonymity told this website that, the pulling did not go well with Koluo’s supporters and a scuffle ensued.


He said, it was unfortunate that Mr Elakas came in and amid that confusion police and the army were compelled to fire live bullets to contain the situation.

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