This Is How Severed 5 Year Old Girls’ Head Reached Kadaga’s Office

By Agencies



A man yesterday got arrested at Parliament at 11:30am where he had taken a severed head of a 5 year old girl as a gift for Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament.


The freshly severed head was wrapped carefully in gift wrappers and put in a card box. The man in his early twenties had disguised himself as a young woman. Police however, got suspicious when he refused to open the box for thorough checking.


Upon forcefully opening the box, Police discovered the human head and also discovered that the ‘young woman’ was actually a man.


The man was later identified as Joseph Nuwashaba, 22, hailing from Kizinda, Ishaka Municipality, Bushenyi District.


He was last evening being interrogated at the headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) in Kibuli, Kampala, while the severed head was taken to Kampala Capital City mortuary for examination.


Nuwashaba has been established worked as a casual labourer at Mr Charles Ssenyonga’s home, the father of the girl he beheaded.


He is said to have left with the young girl, Faith Kyamagero, a daughter of Mr Charles Ssenyonga, a resident of Kimanya Kyabukuza Division in Masaka City on Sunday at around 6pm, but they did not return home.


The body of the little girl was found yesterday morning by neighbours without the head.



What is now baffling the police is whether Nuwashaba was able to work alone or he had accomplices. Police wants to know how the suspect was able to move from Masaka to Kampala undetected.


Police detectives are also seeking to establish the motive of Nuwashaba in bringing the severed head as a gift to the Speaker of Parliament.




Investigators are still examining whether the suspect worked alone or was helped by others, how he travelled from Masaka City, where he was working, to Kampala City, and why he chose to take the severed head to the Speaker of Parliament of all places.


Yesterday’s incident happened a day before Members of Parliament returned from recess after the National Resistance Movement primaries.

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