MOROTO PRISON BREAK UPDATES: 7 Re Arrested, 3 Killed As UPDF Seals Off Roads

By Markson Omagor


The latest information trickling in from Moroto is that the joint security operation led by UPDF has re-arrested 7 escapees and killed 3. 

A UPDF soldier that was killed by the Moroto escaping prisoners yesterday

Meanwhile, Security forces – UPDF, Uganda Police and Uganda Prisons Services have sealed off all entry and exit points in/out of Moroto in an effort to trace the over 200 prisoners who escaped yesterday.


The 219 Prisoners escaped with at least 36 AK-47 rifles, 20 magazines and other ammunition, UPDF said.


“It’s a mass escape … these were hard-core criminals,” Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso, UPDF Spokesperson said.


By Thursday’s morning, seven of the prisoners had been arrested, and other three put out of action as they exchanged fire with security officers.

“They’ve had a whole night to disperse and hide, it complicates our efforts but we shall get them.” Brigadier Flavia added.


This is Uganda’s third prisoner escape since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in March as fears of contracting the virus in cramped jails spurred inmates’ efforts to break out.


Yesterday, it was reported that the escapees killed one UPDF soldier.








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