Another Mayoral Aspirant Accuses NUP Of Corruption, Sexism

By Markson Omagor


An aspirant for Katabi Town Council Mayor under Bobi Wine’s National Unity Party (NUP) has accused the Party officials of corruption and using the Party as a sex den.


Isaac Nsimbe, also known as Diziza Madras who was early this month cheated out of the Katabi Town Council Mayoral race under NUP broke his silence and spoke to website.


Speaking to this Reporter today, Diziza who has been a longtime friend of NUP President, Robert Kyagulanyi says the Busiro South Vetting Committee headed by Maria Nakiganda played him out of the race.


“I submitted all my papers and contacts to the vetting committee, but to my surprise, the same committee allegedly carried out a screening exercise without my knowledge yet they had all my contacts,” Diziza said.


“When I called Nakiganda, she denied vetting and choosing Kalema Giovan Ronald as the NUP Flagbearer. She instead talked of a non-existent committee to hear my complaint,” Diziza added.


Kalema who was later declared by the Nakiganda committee according to Diziza was a Democratic Party (DP) Candidate but was thrown out during the DP primaries. It was after losing the DP flag that he apparently crossed over to NUP.

Kalema whom Diziza accuses of compromising the NUP Vetting official

Diziza also says Kalema has a relationship with Nakiganda that goes beyond the elbow.


“Because after choosing him, they went straight to Cbs the following Monday morning to announce that they had already stopped the vetting exercise.”

Nakiganda (Center left with Kalema on her right)

“Can you see them in that picture; they were speaking ear to ear like lovebirds!” Diziza said.


Although Diziza could not substantiate some of his claims, he insists that Kalema splashed money and bribed Nakiganda to declare him the NUP Flagbearer yet he had never been NUP until he lost out in the DP Primaries.


Diziza who has opted to contest as an Independent says he still supports Robert Kyagulanyi but that people working under him are using the party to enrich themselves at the expense of the Party.


He also accuses Kalema of hiring goons to remove his posters at night and replacing them with his.


“I support Kyagulanyi but his team surrounding him is so corrupt. He says M7 has failed to tackle corruption but he too must pull up his stockings,” Diziza concludes.

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