NRM Electoral Commission Says Lydia Wanyoto Leading In preliminary Results


By Markson Omagor


The wait for the much anticipated announcement of the winner of NRM Mbale City Woman MP is due but with the Party’s Electoral Commission showing Lydia Wanyoto leading by a big margin.

Hon. Connie Galiwango is threatening to contest as an Independent if she is rigged out

According to a press briefing letter dated 28th September 2020, Lydia Wanyoto garnered 28,061 votes from 331 polling stations, whereas Connie Galiwango came second with 18,872 votes.


Others were Jalia Namasaba who came third with 2,824 votes and lastly Shadia Luwungule who managed a paltry 1,462 votes.


The briefing further revealed that on the 24th of September, the NRM Electoral Commission invited the two leading candidates about the findings.


A sticking point though is that results from 58 polling stations could not be traced because the declaration forms were destroyed by one candidate. The Commission did not reveal the identity of the candidate it accuses of destroying Declaration Forms for the 58 polling stations.


The total number of polling stations was 389.


The Commission did not also confirm whether it would go ahead and declare Wanyoto the winner without results from the 58 polling stations.


In the communication, the Commission indicated that the resultant tallying of the votes was done in Kampala after the EC Returning Officer Mbale failed to announce the results because of the confusion that ensued.


All indications are that Lydia Wanyoto will be declared winner considering events of the last few days.


On Saturday 26th September,2020, Wanyoto for the first appeared at Capital Gang since the election saga started. She also appeared confident although she did not assert her victory.


On the same day, Connie Galiwango appeared on Open Gate radio where she assured her supporters that come 2021, her name will be on the ballot paper irrespective of whether she is the NRM Party flag bearer or not.


“I want to assure my voters in Mbale City that whether am declared the NRM flag bearer or not, I will be on the ballot paper come 2021,” she said on Open Gate radio on Saturday 6th September.


She accused the NRM Electoral Commission of delaying to declare the results.


She warned that if the powers that be go ahead and declared her opponent the NRM flag bearer, the race will then be decided by the Mbale voters who know whom they want against the one who claims she has been sent.


“We want to see that one who claims that she has been sent, sent by who?” A visibly furious Galiwango told the media.


The results for the Mbale City NRM Woman MP primary results have not been declared to date.


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