Grief As Bugisu’s Oldest Woman Dies Aged 121



By Nakanwagi Olivier Mukaaya




A somber mood has engulfed residents of Buwanyanga, Busano Sub County, Mbale district after a woman, believed to be the oldest in the Bugisu sub region died aged 121.


Ms. Yunia Mutuwa Masela who is believed to be born around 1889 died at her home after suffering an illness on 30th September 2020.


Mr. Eric Mukwana, a close family friend and former minister of information in Nzu ya Masaba, the Bamasaba Cultural Institution confirmed her death saying she died after a short illness.


“Its sad news that Mummy Masela has died after suffering an illness for just two days and it could be due to her advanced age and we are in preparation for her burial,” he said.


He says she has been one of the oldest persons in Bugisu and it’s a big blow to the people of Bugisu because she has been source of knowledge.


“She has been one of the oldest persons in Bugisu and she has supported a number of charitable causes in the region and will be dearly missed,” he added.


Mr. Mukwana says they have started fundraising for the burial.


“The family is not doing fine and we call upon well-wishers to support us because she deserves a decent burial,” he said.


Mr. Stephen Mugoma, Chairman Elgon tourism Network and former Principal, Uganda Christian University, Mbale University College says her death is a big blow to the tourism fraternity.


“We are saddened by her death and it’s a sad day for the tourism sector in the region because she has been an exemplary character to everyone that indeed someone can live that long.”


He also blamed government for ignoring to support her to live longer.


“She would have lived a little longer if govern had supported her and this should be a lesson that old people should be appreciated and deserve to be cared for.”


The deceased is survived with one child out of seven, Ms Penninah Mugide who is 76 Years and the last born.


The deceased will be buried tomorrow at her ancestral home in Buwanyanga, Busano sub county, Mbale District.


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