A New 3 Kilometer Long Crack On Mt. Elgon Slopes Alarms Residents


By Wetondo Denis Julius




A three kilometer crack along the slopes of Mt. Elgon cutting through six villages in Bunyangu Sub County Mbale district has left residents in in fear.


The crack that appeared last week on Wednesday 30th September was caused by the current heavy downpour in Elgon region.


The same sub-county was hit with another serious disaster where hanging rocks rolled and killed a seven-year-old boy leaving other three family members in critical conditions.


Many crops and about 31 houses were destroyed.


The crack has passed through the villages of Bunalutere, Kikobero, Bubyangu upper, Wambewo, Mubalaya, and Kiyaza in Bubyangu parish, Bubyangu Sub County.

Ali Masaba, a resident from Kikobero village says that the crack happened last week following current heavy rains in the area.


“Over 700 households and crops like maize, bananas, cabbage, and onion among others are at the risk of being buried if that landslide strikes any time.” Masaba said.


Abed Muyima and Abudu Masaba, the affected residents urged the government to relocate them to safe places since rains are still continuing yet cracks have warned them early about an impending disaster.


Emma Gidudu, the acting Sub-County Chief of Bubyangu has urged the affected residents from the six villages to vacate the area as early as possible as they are compiling the report the district for a response.


Twakha Ayubu, Manager Red Cross Mbale branch has confirmed that they are planning to take tents to the low land areas in the sub-county where residents can relocate as government plans to come with a lasting solution.

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