Mortuary Staff Raise Red Alert After Operating Without Covid19 Protective Gears


By Wetondo Denis Julius 




Workers operating at Mbale City Mortuary have raised a concern that they have gone for three months without any Covid 19 protective gears.


While speaking during the Mbale City Health Quarterly meeting at Mbale city hall on 13th October,2020, Richard Nambafu the in charge of Mbale city mortuary says lives of his six staff are at risk of contracting covid19 from bodies or people who access the premises from outside.


Nambafu revealed that they are operating without health equipment like temperature guns, gumboots, sanitizers, soap, and water and face masks.


He said they were last provided with soap and sanitizers in July 2020.

He urged Mbale city health department to respond to their concerns and avail them with the requirements such that they can be protected from the current covid19 pandemic.

However, James Kutosi, the Public Relations Officer Mbale City refutes claims of neglecting staff at Mbale city mortuary.


He argued instead that the mortuary department did not inform them nor make any requisitions to that effect.


He adds that besides providing them with requirements, everybody who takes there a body for preservation is mandated to provide staff from there with gloves, face masks, soap and sanitizer.


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