How 30 Year Old University Graduate Is Minting Millions From Poultry


By Kubula Emmanuel




Seven years after graduating from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences without a job, Esther Chemutai discovered that she could make more money in poultry.

Chemutai is seen here ‘communicating’ with her birds

Chemutai while speaking to this reporter said the youth must completely forget about possessing white collar jobs, which she says are nowadays so scarce and in most cases selectively given.


She advise her fellow youth to drop the attitude of waiting to be given, and work to achieve their life goals by themselves.


Chemtai who graduated from Makerere University in 2013 is currently managing a family poultry farm in Buwereza zone, Namunsi ward, Nakaloke Town Council in Mbale district.


“Youth must think within the lines of being their own bosses, by starting small with and growing with time. The start is always hard but y passion will bring you success.” Chemutai said.


Chemtai says she came up with the idea of starting up a poultry project in 2018, five years after her graduation and looking for jobs in vain.


She says they started with 500 layers in 2018, but they currently have over 1,100 birds on the farm, producing approximately 36 trays of eggs daily which they sell at 10,500 shillings each.


Chemtai challenges every graduated youth to throw away their graduation pride and start up something for themselves, saying pride does not bring food on the table.


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