Eastern Uganda Elders Want Deterrent Punishment For Sex Party Convicts


By Wetondo Denis Julius  




Religious and cultural leaders from eastern Uganda have asked government to give deterrent penalties to suspects who were arrested from Kampala on suspicion of participating in a sex party.

Former Mbale Diocese Bishop, Samuel Wabulakha

Last week, according to Patrick Onyango the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, 21 people were arrested from one private house while participating in a sex party in Kireka, Wakiso district.


According to Ahmed Wandega, the eastern region Kadhi, government should penalize the suspects such that it acts as an example to others.


He added that Uganda is a God-fearing country with the motto ‘For God and My Country’ it becomes abominable for such acts to be practiced in the country.


Samuel Wabulakha, the former Bishop of Mbale Diocese blamed parents for failing to bring up their children with a religious back ground.


Wabulakha also says that these days, parents don’t take responsibility of going to church or mosque with their children leaving them to grow without knowing God.


Samuel George Egesa, the Bishop Of Bukiede Diocese also urged parents to always sit down with their children and continuously advise them.


He also urged police to roll out the same operations to other towns across the country such that perpetrators can be wiped out of the country.


Mathis Nabuteri, the Deputy Prime Minister At Masaba Cultural Institution also says that such bad morals are coming in Uganda because parents have left their children to watch pornographic literature on phones and Televisions.

He urged parents to teach their children manners and traditional culture.

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