Mbale City Moves To Use Of Thermal Electricity By End Of Year


By Wetondo Denis Julius




Mbale City has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Swedish Firm to construct a mass thermal electricity plant.


According to James Kutosi, the Public Relations Officer Mbale city, the electricity will be consumed by people of Mbale city for domestic use. The remaining will be supplied to neighboring districts which will act as revenue for the city.


“Mbale city generates an average of over fifteen tons of refuse on a daily basis which has been difficult to collect due to lack of enough trucks and money to fuel trucks to transport the rubbish to dumping sites leading to the dirtiness of the town.” Kutosi said.


Kutosi also says fifteen tons are enough to be used in generating electricity which can be consumed by all people, factories of Mbale, and other neighboring districts.


The PRO adds that before the end of this year construction works of the generation plant at Dokho Industrial city division where rubbish is being dumped will kick-off.


Robert Wambende, the Senior Assistant Town Clerk of the Industrial City Division has urged the public to embrace the project.

He added that this electricity is going to benefit youths and other people in increasing daily income by doing activities like welding, saloons among others and some will be supplied in the industrial park at cheap prices compared to current Hydroelectricity.

Stephen Wekona and Harriet  Nandege both residents from Mbale city expressed their joy with the plan saying that this is going to help people to get electricity at cheap prices to run their businesses since UMEME  has been too expensive for them.


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