Lake Kyoga Floods Sends 200 Households To Churches, Red Cross Intervenes


By Nakanwagi Olivier Mukaaya




The Uganda Red Cross society [URCS] has delivered an assortment of mixed non-food items to the people affected by floods in Kalaki district that left hundreds of families homeless.


Over 200 households affected by the rising water levels in Lake Kyoga are now residing in Churches while others are either living with relatives or have migrated to urban centers.


The most 3 hit sub-counties are Kakwe, Bululu and Kalaki.


These Sub Counties were badly hit by floods which ravaged several acres of crops and houses leaving over 200 households displaced.


The items delivered to the flood victims in Kalaki district on Saturday include; kitchen sets, jerry cans, solar lamps, tarpaulins, blankets, 750 bars of soap and mosquito nets, among others.


Irene Nakasiita, the Uganda Red Cross spokesperson noted that there is still need for more relief items to be given to the affected communities with many having lost nearly everything to floods.


“The situation is extremely bad to the extent that majority of families affected by the floods are facing enormous challenges and among them are food, shelter, and other basic needs. This is why URCS has mobilized resources to support these vulnerable families with a startup as the situation normalizes,” she explained.


Nakasiita further said that they [URCS] have been able to support and  give relief to about 1400 people out of 200 households in the four affected sub counties in Kalaki District.


“These are just basic reliefs but we need to come up with more innovations to see how we can continue supporting these people for example through cash transfer programmes to help them have wider variety of options,” she said.


URSC said that they have also delivered an assortment of relief items to affected victims in the district of Mbale and Sironko.


Mr. Ochyngu Charles, the area- LC1 chairperson for Akura village, Kalaki Sub County in Kalaki district called upon government to relocate the people to safer places before more floods hit other places.



Mr. Muzamiru Mugoya, the chairman LC3 for Bubyangu Sub County in Mbale district also applauded Uganda Red Cross for the timely support they have given to the people of Nabutele who were recently hit by the rolling rocks and left more than 52 house holders destroyed.


“This incident left one child dead, six injured and 52house holds destroyed thanks to the Red Cross now our people have some relief to help them start life again,” he said.


Ms. Florence Engoru, a mother who lost all her household properties, house crops and now has been staying with her relatives, could not hide her joy after being supported by URSC with some relief items which will help her family.


“These items given to me and my children are of a great help now. I have blankets to cover my children and other items to help me start my own home. We pray that URSC should continue to support people affected” she said.


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