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If Sodo, Kutesa Are Contesting As Independents Why Not Us? Bugisu NRM Independents


By Judith Nasenya



National Resistance Movement (NRM) Independent candidates have trashed efforts by the Party’s reconciliation committee saying if the same party permitted Sodo Kaguta and Shartis Musherure Kutesa to contest as independents, why stop them.

Hon. Connie Galiwango is contesting as an Independent

The Independents who met the committee headed by the Speaker of Parliament on Friday said they cannot be stopped from contesting because the Party Primaries were generally not free and fair and did not reflect the will of the people.


Charles Walimbwa Peke, the Manafwa district NRM chairperson who also lost in the Butiru Constituency MP NRM primaries said that people who bounce back as independents are not party rebels but it is the irregularities in the elections that force them.

Rose Mutonyi, a Woman Member of Parliament contestant for Manafwa district could not have any patience with the committee. Mutonyi lost to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Mary Gorreti Kitutu in the NRM Primaries and is vowing to contest as an Independent.


“If NRM can allow Sodo Kaguta and Shartis Musherure Kutesa to contest as Independents who are we not to come as Independents?” Mutonyi asked.


Richard Nataka who lost to Christopher Werikhe for Bubulo West also refused to stand down in favour of the Flag bearer.


“There was a lot of rigging in the primaries, I know I won the elections but was only cheated, and even then what about Bunghokho South where a flag bearer has not been declared up to now, what will the Party do?” Nataka asked.


During the meeting, all the independents refused to stand down and actually walked out of the Lukhobo Hall in Manafwa district.


Meanwhile in Mbale City, Connie Galiwango did not even turn up. Galiwango has declared her intentions of contesting as an Independent citing alteration of results.


Sarah Wekomba, incumbent Woman Member of Parliament Bulambuli district is also contesting against Irene Muloni who took the party flag.





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