Saturday Storm Leaves Over 200 Homeless In Sironko


By Wetondo Denis Julius



Over 200 people in five parishes of Bugitimwa sub-county in Sironko district are homeless after their houses were unroofed by Saturday heavy rains.


The affected parishes are Elgon, Lusangala, Bumulegi, Gibenjeyi, and Bumagabuli all located in the Bugitimwa sub-county in Sironko district.


Pascal Wanyala, a councilor representing Luasagali parish at Bugitimwa Sub County says, his residents are now lacking where to stay since their houses were destroyed.


“Residents are now taking refuge at nearby churches, schools, and homes of their relatives.” Wanyala said.

Stephen Gudoyi, one of the affected residents says besides houses, their crops like onions, cabbages, bananas among others, and animals like goats, cows were destroyed completely.


Gudoyi also adds that they expect serious hunger in the future since all their crops have been destroyed urging the government to come in with relief support like food, tents among others.


James Nandala the LCIII chairperson of Bugitimwa Sub County and new created Gombe town council has revealed that the sub-county authorities have finished assessing the number of affected people with property lost.


He added that they have sent a report to Sironko district disaster management team for a response, urging residents to be calm.


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