SUSPICIOUS! EOC Boss Sighted At DPP’s Office Hours Before Expected Appearance At Anti-Corruption Court

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Equal Opportunity Commission Chairperson Sylvia Ntambi who is expected in court today 29th October 2020 was suspiciously spotted at the Director Public Prosecution (DPP)’s office last evening.


A source that leaked the information said Ntambi’s meeting with the DPP is suspicious given the fact that she has eluded court several times.


She’s expected to appear at Anti-Corruption Court today at 9am to answer corruption charges.


Should she fail to show up, court will issue a warrant of arrest and any police officer can arrest her on sight and bring her before the Kololo-based court.


“I will give her a benefit of doubt and give her the last chance and should she fail to come next time (tomorrow), a warrant of arrest will be issued. Criminal summons are extended for the very last time for October 29 at 9am,” Anti-Corruption Chief Magistrate Pamella Lamunu-Ocaya warned on October 7.


Today’s court expected appearance will be the fourth time that Ms Ntambi is wanted with the first three times failing to show up with excuses of sickness and travel.


Ntambi is among others, accused of negligence that led to gross mismanagement of the commission’s funds.


She is indicted alongside, other nine members of the commission who have since been charged and are out on bail.


According to the amended charge sheet, the 10 commission officials are facing 25 corruption related charges.


They range from; causing financial loss, conspiracy to defraud, embezzlement, corruption, abuse of office.


Under count 12, Ms Ntambi alongside Ms Kamahoro and Mr Mpitsi, between January 6, 2019 and April 30, 2019, allegedly conspired to defraud government of over Shs9m.




The EOC  is a constitutional body mandated to eliminate discrimination and inequalities against any individual or group of persons. The commission is mandated to take affirmative action in favour of groups marginalised on the basis of gender, age, disability or any other reason created by history, tradition or custom for the purpose of redressing imbalances which exist against them.




Under count 12, Ms Ntambi alongside Ms Agnes Enid Kamahoro, 48, senior personal secretary, and Mr Mujuni Mpitsi, 49, secretary, between January 6, 2019 and April 30, 2019, allegedly conspired to defraud government of more than Shs9m. Her other co-accused are Mr Moses Mugabe, 38, a senior monitoring and evaluation officer,  Ms Harriet Byangire, 37, senior accountant, Mr Ronnie Kwesiga, 33, acting accounts assistant, Mr Evans Jjemba, 35, principal compliance officer, and Mr Manasseh Kwihangana, 39, senior compliance officer.

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