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Jobless Teachers Leading In Elgon Region Suicide Cases – Police

By Olivier Mukaaya




Police has revealed that the Elgon region has registered slightly over 15 suicide cases since lock down.


Elgon region also known as Bugisu sub region comprises of Manafwa, Bududa, Bulambuli, Mbale, Namisindwa and Sironko districts.


Speaking to this reporter in an exclusive interview on Tuesday 27th October, Rogers Taitika, the Elgon region police spokesperson revealed that Manafwa district leads in the suicide cases so far reported.


He also said that most of the suicide cases registered are related to loss of jobs during the covid 19 lock down which took six months leaving many people jobless up to now.


In an interesting revelation, Taitika said that most suicide cases were committed by teachers and a few others who lost jobs and didn’t know how to provide for their families. In the end he said, these family heads ended up committing suicide.


“Most people who committed suicide in the lock down period had lost their jobs and were facing a lot of challenges on how to provide for their families and most of these cases were reported from Manafwa district,” he said.


He therefore called upon people not to take their lives but instead start up something small to earn a living.


“Committing suicide is not the last resort, there are a lot of things a person can do to earn a living instead of killing yourself,” he said.


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