Grief As Crocodile Devours 34th Victim In Namayingo


By Solomon Hamala




Tragedy befell residents of Lolwe Golofa when a 12 year old pupil was eaten by a crocodile as he went to fetch water along the shores of Lake Victoria on Saturday 31st October.


Amos Lugolobi, a primary six pupil at Kings Nursery and Primary School located in Sigulu main islands was eaten by the crocodile when he went fetching water along the shores of Lake Victoria at around 11.30 a.m.


According to the LC one chairman Lolwe B village, Mohamed Kadogo an eyewitness raised an alarm after sighting the huge reptile drag away the deceased which attracted locals to the scene.


Kadogo said fishermen who rushed to the scene attempted to throw spears towards the huge reptile but it was too late as it continued moving away into the deeper part of the lake.


Jane Auma, the mother to the deceased said she was shocked to be informed that her son had been eaten by the crocodile shortly after sending him for water for ooking food.


Auma urged the Uganda Wildlife Authority to capture the crocodiles and relocate them elsewhere to reduce on the number of people losing lives to the reptiles.


“People are dying but nothing is being done by government,” she said.


The district councilor Lolwe Sub County, Jenifer Naigaga said majority of locals on the island prefer fetching water from the lake because the borehole water is salty.


Naigaga urged people to fetch water from areas where there are cages that prevent the crocodiles from coming closer to the shores avoid to similar incidents.


The officer In charge Lolowe police post, Abraham Osinde urged locals to always move to the shores accompanied by someone to avoid similar incidents.


The Member of Parliament Bukooli islands, Abbot Ouma said he has always presented the issue of crocodiles before parliament but nothing seems to be done.


Ouma said 34 people have been eaten by the crocodiles in the entire constituency since the start of the year while 24 who survived have either lost their legs or hands.

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