AGONISING! Conjoined Twins Die At Ill Equipped Eastern Uganda Hospital


By Markson Omagor




Conjoined twins have died in the Eastern district of Butaleja after the hospital failed to handle their situation.


The twins who were delivered successfully at Busolwe District Hospital on Tuesday, 3rd November were in good health and breathing well according to a doctor we spoke to at the facility.


But because the hospital does not have a scanning machine with the capability of identifying the combined organs, the Medics were unable to tell which organs the twins were sharing.


According to our source, the hospital was waiting for the mother to gain some strength before a referral to Mulago National Referral Hospital could be effected.


The parents of the deceased twins, Malita Namulundu , the mother and Sabani Kiwanuka, the father were helpless as the situation unfolded. Kiwanuka is a boda boda rider at Busolwe Town Council.


However, in a sad twist, the twins passed on last night before they could be referred to Mulago National Referral Hospital.


What are conjoined twins

Conjoined twins are two babies who are born physically connected to each other.


Conjoined twins develop when an early embryo only partially separates to form two individuals. Although two fetuses will develop from this embryo, they will remain physically connected — most often at the chest, abdomen or pelvis. Conjoined twins may also share one or more internal organs.


Though many conjoined twins are not alive when born (stillborn) or die shortly after birth, advances in surgery and technology have improved survival rates. Some surviving conjoined twins can be surgically separated. The success of surgery depends on where the twins are joined and how many and which organs are shared, as well as the experience and skill of the surgical team.

Details will follow shortly



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