Daddy Andre Accused Of Child Neglect By Ex-Lover


By Judith Nasenya

Despite starting anew and beautiful life with fiance’ Nina Roz,Daddy Andre’s problems are not about to end and this could put his fresh marriage to the test.


From being accused of sexual harassment to being dumped for refusing to take an HIV test by ex-girlfriend, Angella Katatumba, Daddy Andre is now being accused of child neglect.


A woman Identified as Atim Dorah has come out to claim that she and Daddy Andre have an 8year old daughter.


Dorah who says she is the producer’s ex-lover is accusing him of child neglect.  She says that he is not taking care of the child and has ignored her existence.

Dorah says that she met Andre and he made her pregnant in 2011. She gave birth to a baby girl at Mulago Hospital in 2012 but it was her sister who facilitated the hospital bills and treatment after birth since Daddy Andre was nowhere to be seen at the time.


‘I met him at the railway Quarters in Nsambya , I got pregnant in 2011 and I told him. He told me not to abort, by then he didn’t have money and he would give me about shs5000, shs 1000, sometimes nothing at all,’ Dorah said.


She further revealed that her livelihood got worse financially in the following years and she decided to take the child to her grandmother in Gulu.


Dorah noted that the child has been living there for a while but she is not in the best state and has never gone to school.


She also revealed that she has tried to access Andre in vain which is why she has resorted to spilling the beans to the media to find some help.


She confirmed that she is very sure that Daddy Andre is the father of her child and that he even gave her the name, Ojambo Nekesa City when she visited him with the child at his studio in Nsambya .


She emphasizes that she is not interested in his new marriage but she wants him to be a responsible father who takes care of his child.

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