Meet Mbale’s Rejected Albino Now Rocking Airwaves With Gospel Music


By David Mudhanga



Known by his stage name, Peter EM, Muntu Peter is a true story of a hustler disadvantaged at birth.


Born an albino, Peter EM was rejected by his own parents owing to his disability. Homeless and rendered parentless, EM found refuge at his grandmother’s home. It was the old woman who could tolerate his abnormality.


She was however too frail to be able to take care of the albino’s needs ranging from clothing, feeding, school fees and above all medical care.


In 2009, EM left Busiu where he lived with his grandmother and went to Kampala where his aunt and Uncle lived. His stay there was also short-lived as his father’s relatives chased him out of their homes.


Frustrated, EM came back to Mbale to start a hustler’s life. He started learning how to play piano which enhanced his music career. He was later to be accepted by many churches where he played piano for little pay.

He walked frequently from Bugema where he lived in a shack to Mbale Municipality, now a City to play piano in the churches that took him in.


Later, he was able to expand the base of his friends and in 2016 he started to record music. His first song was ‘yesu bona simbera sebuke mubwase’ literally meaning Jesus look at the situation of my life which rocked Eastern Region and in most Christian founded radio stations.


There after he continued to record a number of songs with a popular producer who is the CEO of T. One Records.


In 2017, EM decided to join other musicians in Kampala so that he can achieve his dream of becoming a star in the country and since then God has blessed the young albino.


Today, EM’s songs are rocking on TV stations, and as if that is not enough, most TV stations are now inviting him for interviews to inspire the young generation.


In a summary of his road to success, EM told this reporter;

Young people should never give up in life.”


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