REALLY! NRM Flag Bearers Castigate Party For Delay Of Facilitation, Postpone Campaigns


By Julius Denis Wetondo




National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party flag bearers for various positions in Bulambuli district have failed to kick off their campaigns.


Most of the Party flag bearers this reporter spoke to yesterday 10th November 2020 on the official launch of campaigns countrywide, said they had not yet received facilitation from their Party and could therefore not commence campaigns.


According to the NRM Party, each flagger bearer is supposed to get some money to help the flag bearers carry out campaign activities.


Flag bearers like MPs are supposed to get 38 million shillings, LCV, and councilors 3 million shillings.


Alex Burundo, the current MP also NRM flag bearer for Bulambuli county said that lack of facilitation forced him to postpone his campaigns.


Burundo added that he has decided to delay his companies until the Party releases money which will help him in fueling vehicles for campaigning, hiring tents among other things used in the campaigns.


“The Party should release the cash for facilitation as soon as possible so that we are able to carry out campaign activities,” Burundo said.


Joshua Wabuyi, the Buwanyange Sub County District Councilor aspirant on NRM ticket said that official campaigning kicked off yesterday according to the Electoral Commission Road Map but he has failed to start campaigning due to lack of money.


He argued that the delayed release of money is going to affect NRM Party since they are the foot soldiers who look for votes.


Florence Mutonyi, also councilor aspirant from Bulambuli Town Council said they are worried that their opponents may use this chance to divert voters of the NRM yet Bulambuli has been NRM 99%.


Rebecca Keziya, another councilor aspirant for Buyanga town council said that the delay in releasing funds is going to make her clash with opponents since she will start late.


They asked the party leaders to expedite the process of releasing money such that they can start campaigning at the allocated time.


However, Paulo Kimamati, the Bulambuli district NRM chairperson when contacted revealed that the facilitation will come at a later stage.


He urged them to use their money as they wait for the little support the Party will offer at a later time when they are finalizing their campaigns.

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