What Iganga Parliamentary Aspirants Are Promising Voters


By Solomon Hamala




Sauda Alibawo


Sauda is the Woman Member of Parliament NRM flag bearer for Iganga district.


She has promised to lobby investors to set up projects in the district such that employment opportunities are created for youths.


Alibawo made her intentions clear while launching her campaign manifesto at Bugono village Nabitende Sub County on November 13.


She said majority of the in the district youths are languishing in poverty as a result of lack of job opportunities because the current leadership is reluctant to lure investors into the area.


“There are many rich people who want to set up businesses in areas where leaders can show interest but no one is bothered to talk to them,” she said.


Alibawo also promised to improve on agriculture practices by hiring out tractors to farmers to enable them increase on their yields and therefore their incomes in homesteads.


“I will make sure that I contribute some money towards hiring tractors such that farmers increase on their yields,” she said.


She vowed to use her law skills to continue lobbying government to set up a public university in Iganga to reduce on the expenditures parents incur sending their children to institutions of learning elsewhere in the country.


“Having a University in Iganga will mean job opportunities for our people besides reduction in transport expenditures,” she said.


Alibawo said the 100 man task force unveiled during the campaign launch is capable of canvassing support to ensure she becomes the next MP and the NRM party president becomes victorious on January 14 next year.


She promised to always come back to meet her voters over the weekends to seek their views instead of spending most of her time in Kampala.


The NRM chairman Iganga district, Hajji Abubaker Walubi urged youths to embrace government programs like Operation Wealth Creation instead of spending long hours discussing politics.


Walubi said majority of youths end up being arrested or injured for taking part in demonstrations organized by some members of the opposition.


“At the end of the day these youths are left to rot in jail yet they were taking part in protest on behalf of those selfish politicians,” he said.


Juma Ngobi


Juma Ngobi is aspiring for Iganga Municipality Parliamentary seat as an Independent candidate.

He has promised to use part of his salary to construct a library to enable students concentrate on their studies in case he is elected into office.


Ngobi while launching his campaign manifesto at Buligo primary school said the fact that he has purchased street lights for the constituency before is an indication that he has the capability to deliver.


He said after losing in the NRM primaries, supporters urged him to return as an independent saying the process was marred by irregularities like multiple voting in favor of the winner.


Ngobi urged voters to elect him into office since he has the required qualifications being a lawyer.


“Passing laws in parliament needs a person who has studied law and am the only one among all candidates,” he said.


Francis Muganga

Francis Muganga of NUP

Francis Muganga is also contesting for Iganga Municipality Parliamentary seat on NUP ticket.


Muganga says now is the time for youths to exercise their rights by turning up in big numbers to elect a leader of their choice and age bracket.


Muganga while launching his campaign manifesto at Iganga Municipal Primary School said on several occasions youths have been lured to vote for elderly politicians just because of being influenced with petty sums of money.


Mariam Seif

Mariam Seif with microphone

Seif is contesting for Woman Member of Parliament Iganga on independent ticket.


Mariam Self promised to continue with her programs of drilling boreholes in all rural areas to enable locals access clean drinking water.


Seif also promised to offer bursaries to needy bright students such that they pursue their studies till university level instead of dropping out at early stages.


FDC’s Mariam Nantale

FDC Iron woman, Nantale Mariam

This is the third attempt Nantale is making.

She promises effective representation of her people in Parliament.


Nantale who is making a third attempt promised to utilize her skills as a lawyer to lobby investors into the area to set up projects that will provide employment opportunities to youths.


Rebecca Talikaza, independent


Talikaza has based her campaign strategy on youth empowerment.


Recently while speaking to this reporter, Talikaza who works in one of the top banks in the country was busy mobilizng the youth in Iganga to and across Busoga region into economic and income generating activities aimed at fighting poverty.


The biggest campaign was directed to Kigulu North. She was meeting and mobilizing a number of youth towards learning entrepreneurship skills like liquid soap, candle, pads, saving groups, tree planting, among others.


“Many youth especially University graduates are thronging the Arab and Western world in search for jobs yet they can stay at home and economically contribute to their country if they were economically equipped.” She said then.


Some of the biggest beneficiaries of Talikaza’s project are the primary and secondary girls who dropped out of school. These are trained in tailoring, candle and liquid soap making, poultry project among others.


Talikaza’s support is a big boost to the youth government programmes like the YLP. Many of the youth who miss out on the governments financial help, have open entry to her project.


“I will continue supporting the youth because they hold the future of this country. But this does not mean that i don’t support other categories of people. I have similar programes for the community especially organized farmers, saving groups among others,” Talikaza said.




Five women are contesting for the seat of Woman Member of Parliament Iganga. The 5th being Aziza Kakerewe  who is carrying the NUP flag.


Those contesting for Member of Parliament Iganga Municipality include Abdurahuman Toto NRM, Peter Mugema independent, Juma Ngobi independent, Nasser Mudiobole FDC, Francis Muganga NUP and Denis Waiswa independent.




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