TRUMPISM? Bob Mushikori Refuses To Recognise Newly Elected Umkhukha


TRUMPISM? Bob Mushikori Refuses To Recognise Newly Elected Umkhukha


By Wetondo Denis Julius



Bob Mushikori, the Umkhukhu whose term of office has allegedly expired is clinging onto power

Bamasaba cultural institution [Inzu yamasaba ] faction aligned to Bob Mushikori has disowned the newly elected purported  Umukuka III, Mike Mudoma.


While speaking to the media during a press conference yesterday 19th November, at Masaba cultural institution offices located in Malukhu in Mbale city, Matthias Nabuteri, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the institution has not yet officially elected the new Umukhuka the third.


In October on 16th, a section of Masaba cultural leaders led by Nelson Wedayila, the speaker elected Mike Mudoma from Mwambu clan as the new Umukuka who was also sworn in on 13th November this year.


According to Wedayila, they elected Mudoma as the new Umukuka after the term of office of Bob Mushikori,  the current Umukuka expired in May this year meaning he has been occupying the position  illegally.


However, Nabuteri urged the Bamasaba not to be misled by Wedayila and Mudoma the purported Umukuka referring to them as selfish individuals who want to divide the Bamasaba.


Nabuteri revealed that Masaba cultural institution is going to hold a cultural council today 20th November before coming up with official dates of conducting the election of a new Umukuka as required.


Meanwhile Bob Mushikori has asked government through police and other security organs to hunt for Mudoma to answer charges of impersonation since he is calling himself as Umukuka yet they have one cultural leader.


He urged Bamasaba to desist from following Mudoma which may bring divisions and conflicts among Bamasaba.


Richard Wambende, chairman publicity at Masaba cultural intuition on the other hand defended the elction of Mudoma saying that all 26 clan heads of Masaba cultural intuition as required in law elected Mudoma after the term of Mushikori expired in May this year.

He adds that on 21st this month they are going to officially install Mike Mudoma as Umukuka III at sports club and will officially start executing his duties from Bungokho Mutoto sub county head offices because it is near the cultural site.


Mudoma on his part has asked Mushikori to seek legal redress if he doubts his election to office as claimed.


He adds that shortly after being installed on Saturday he is going to send a letter ordering Mushikori to vacate the office warning that he disobeys, they will seek legal redress.



In a related development, Mudoma the purported Umukuka 111 of Masaba cultural institution has written to the office of the Mbale Resident District Commissioner (RDC) to stop the general assembly organized today.


Masaba cultural institution faction aligned to Bob Mushikori has organized a general assembly meeting which is to take place today.


According to Mushikori, that assembly is going to involve all clan leaders and cultural institution executive members from Bamasaba of Kenya and Uganda.


Nabuteri says that it is in today’s meeting that they are going to identify names of those interested candidates from Mwambu clan who will compete for the position of Umukuka the III to replace Mushikori whose term is about to end this month.


However, Sulaiman Ogajo the RDC of Mbale says, as government they have no intention of involving in cultural matters.


He urged both sides to sit on a round table and harmonies their matters rather than fighting full time.



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