New Bamasaba Cultural Leader Installed As Incumbent Refuses To Vacate Office

 By Wetondo Denis Jullius




The newly elected Bamasaba cultural leader [Umkhuka] has been officially installed.


Mike Mudoma who was elected by a section of clan heads was officially installed on Saturday, 22 November 2020  at Sports Club in Mbale even as Bobi Mushikori the current leader refuses to vacate office claiming that his term of office  is still on.


Nelson Wedayila, the speaker of Bamasaba Cultural Institution on 6th/10/2020 organized 20 clan heads out of 26 in Masaba land at Mutoto cultural site and voted Mudoma from Mwambu clan as the new cultural leader [Umukuka] the 3rd.


Wedayila organized elections after accusing Mushikori ,the incumbent for refusing to organize elections of another cultural leader yet his five year term of office expired on 15th/10/2020 over unknown reasons.

While speaking during his installation ceremony, Mudoma promised to unite all Bamasaba which has been divided by Mushikori by creating factions which may result in chaos in future.


He revealed that after his installation, he is going to give a written notification to Ministry Of Gender Labor And Social Development such that privileges like salaries, guards among others can be withdrawn from Mushikori and be reverted to him.


He advised Mushikori to dissolve cabinet since they are operating illegally.

Mudoma also says they are going to shift the Masaba cultural institution offices from Malukhu in Mbale town to Mutoto cultural site as the law requires.


Annet Mudoma, the new queen mother expressed her happiness with the installation of the new cultural leader of Bamasaba.


She vowed to emphasize on girl child education by encouraging Bamasaba to take their girl children like boys rather than taking them as assets by getting money and cows after being married.


Mudoma also says she is going to organize training ceremonies for girls at Masaba cultural institution by elder women who will be training them on behaviors, dressing, greeting, cooking food among others.


Stephen Wamunga, one of the elders who attended the function asked Mudoma to develop Mutoto cultural site during his five year of term of office such that it can turn into a tourist attraction to bring money into the institution.


Wamimbi Wekasa, the first former cultural leader of Masaba cultural institution asked the two factions of Mudoma the new Umukuka and Mushikori the current Umukuka to iron out their differences and unite such that peace can be prevail in Masaba land.

However, Mathias Nabuteri the deputy prime minister of at Masaba cultural institution has quashed both election and installation process of Mudoma referring Mudoma as an impostor.


He adds that the term of Mushikori is still going on until 21st December when they are going to conduct elections of new the Masaba cultural leader.

Nabuteri still confirms Mushikori as the current only recognized Masaba cultural leader.




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