Butaleja, Eastern Uganda District With Grandmothers Aged 25


By Ambrose Weere



Bishop Samuel Egessa

Leaders in Butaleja have expressed a strong concern over rising cases of early marriages in the district with grandmothers being as young as 25 years.


This concern was raised by the district leaders over the weekend during a burial ceremony of one Kanna Birikire.


Flagging off the sensitive topic, Bishop Samuel Egessa, of Bukedi Diocese noted that the number of young mothers in Butaleja has risen tremendously.


He also revealed that Butaleja has been marked worldwide for having the youngest grandmother aged only 25 years.


He also said that many girls have opted to go for marriage than complete their studies.


Moses Lyadda, an MP aspirant for Bunyole West on NUP ticket for instance revealed that a total of 6 girls went missing from Nahagulu Primary School recently and it is reported that they were married off despite being P.7 candidates.


He identifies poverty, as one of the main causes of early marriages.

Lyadda urged the government to for instance support the girls with sanitary pads or keep them always busy.


While Yusuf Mutembulye, a prominent lawyer in town and NRM flag bearer for Bunyole West blamed some religious leaders who officiate such marriages than condemn. He noted that all the children need counselling.


Mutembulye concluded by challenging the LCs, Police and other law enforcement officers to act indiscriminately.


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