FDC’s Sironko Parliamentary Aspirant Arrested

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Police in Sironko has arrested Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Parliamentary aspirant for Budadiri East Constituency.


Isaiah Sasaga Wazira, a former MP was arrested yesterday 23rd November 2020 on allegations of vote bribery.


According to Edson Muhangi, the District Police Commander, (DPC) Sironko said the arrest of Sasanga came after Denis Wanyoro a journalist working at Open Gate local radio station in Mbale reported him with evidence.


Wanyoro presented evidence where Sasaga was allegedly distributing hoes and pangas to voters at sub counties of Masaba , Bugitimwa, Leganya, Budadiri town council, Bumalimba among others during this campaigns.


Mchanga adds that after Wanyoro reporting they were forced to arrest Sasanga since its illegal and is now being detained at Sironko Central Police Station.

Speaking to this reporter, Wanyoro the complainant said he was concerned as a journalist to see what Sasanga was doing.


He adds that he wants Sasaga to be disqualified from the race by the electoral commission as an example on others.


Sasaga meanwhile has denied claims of distributing hoes and pangass as alleged by Wanyoro.


He adds that Wanyoro is just being used by one of his opponents with the aim of tarnishing his name and neutralizing him politically saying that he can produce sufficient evidence to prove his allegations.


Frank Namonyo, Allan Muduku and Sam Makanya all voters of Budadiri East constituency have also denied receiving hoes and pangas from Sasanga at this campaigning time.

They add that  Wanyoro is not a voter and resident of Bulambuli so they wonder how he saw Sasanga distributing those items saying that he is just being used by one of his opponents.


Other contestants in Budadiri East constituency are Vincent Waboya of NRM and the incumbent, Julius Nakiyi, independent and David Wanyala of National Unity Party (NUP).

By the time of filing this story, Sasaga was still in the cells.

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