Soroti District Council Hails High Court Judgment On City Boundaries


By John Ogulei




Soroti District Council has commended the High Court’s judgment on the alteration of Soroti City’s boundaries yesterday.


Addressing the press this morning at Soroti Hotel, the Council Speaker, Stephen Olebe termed the Court decision as outright justice and respect of the rule of law.


Mr. Olebe said, the decision by the Soroti High Court Judge, Justice Musalu Musene to rule against the altered Soroti city map that saw parts of Arapai Town Council and Amen Town Council donated to Soroti City East was part of the justice the District Council was waiting hear.


On Thursday Morning, 26th November, the high Court judge ruled that the parts of Opiyai, Arapai, Teso College, Orwadai, Aloet among others be left under Soroti City West as earlier on demarcated by the district council of Soroti.


The case was filed at Soroti High Court on 18th September 2020 by concerned citizens including; Enyau Michael, Onanyang Robert, Erienyu Stephen, Ejelu Patrick and Omoding, all residents of Soroti city.


The complainants questioned the decision by the Local Government’s ministry to alter the original boundaries of Soroti City.


“Am happy that even under difficult challenges we managed as council to sit and come up with the demarcation. And in our final demarcation, the areas of contention in the west were handled. But as you know, there are some individuals who thought they knew law more than the law interpreters and claimed the areas in contention,” said Olebe.


He said, “This gives credit to courts of law because they have respected the Local government institution which some individuals had sought to overthrow.”


John Bosco Okwii, the District Councilor for Western Division, also commended the court saying the court has understood the position of the council.


Charles Elasu the National Resistance Chairperson Soroti District and City said, if the court had not ruled in favor of the earlier council decision, he was also going to file another court case against the electoral commission.






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