Woman Rescued From Attempted Suicide After Co- Wife Bit Off Her Ear


By Ambrose Weere




A woman has been rescued as she was just about to hang herself on a tree.


The woman only identified as Namukutipa was found by the area LC1 Chairman Triangle cell, Busaba Town Council, in Butaleja district, Mr. Disson Hamba with a rope already tied on her neck and in the process of climbing a tree on Thursday 26th November.


Namukutipa, allegedly had a fight with her co-wife, identified as Namunghumba.


Their husband, Tito Halimo, responded by beating both of them.


However, after his disappearance, Namunghumba bit off the ear of Namukutipa.


Earless, an ashamed Namukutipa, climbed on a tree, to end her life by the rope.


Disson Hamba, told this website that he intervened immediately, and engaged the aggrieved woman into cancelling the move. He used this chance to advise men to tame their anger especially upon choosing to be polygamous.


Early Last Month, Haruna Mugonghi, a resident of Ludodo, in Busaba Town Council and a prominent businessman, killed himself by hanging.


A suicide note found near his body indicated that he committed suicide because his wife had abandoned him.


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