ICT Minister at War With Soroti Fruit Factory Experts For Refusing To Purchase Teso Oranges

By John Ogulei



Soroti-fruit-factory workers

The State Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is at war with Experts over the decision by the top Soroti Fruit Factory Limited to refuse to buy oranges from Teso farmers.

Speaking to this Website yesterday 27th November 2020, Minister Ogwang who is also vying for Ngariam County seat said, that the Soroti Fruit Factory should absorb fruits being produced by Teso farmers.


Ogwang has called upon government to expand the capacity of the factory in Soroti to accommodate all the oranges in Teso.


Recently, during President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s visit in Teso, a section of Teso leaders through a memorandum of Understanding, intimated to the President that the Factory wasn’t consuming fruits of Teso.


A furious Museveni asked Dr. Okasai Opolot, an agricultural expert whom he worked with closely in determining the variety of fruits best fit for the Sub Region to explain.


In his response, Dr. Okasai refuted the leaders’ reasoning claiming that the factory could be looking for cheaper oranges to save money.


Mr. Okasai said, “There is no difference between Washington Navo, Valencio and Hamlin orange varieties grown in other areas and that in Teso.”


Mr. Okasai’s statement left Teso Leaders including ICT Minister Peter Ogwang hungry.



Ogwang has now called on experts to thoroughly investigate the mess at Soroti Fruit Factory.


During the recent interview with this reporter in Soroti town, the Soroti District Woman MP, Angeline Osegge also blamed government for bringing the factory that has failed to consume all Teso oranges.


Simon Peter Edoru Ekuu has also accused the top leadership of the Factory for not prioritizing in buying fruits from Teso.


During his rally in Dakabella, Mr. Edoru said, the government needs to focus on helping the local farmers saying this isn’t serving its purpose.


But efforts for a comment from Douglas Ndawula, the chief executive officer at Soroti Fruit Factory as to why the factory isn’t consuming fruits from Teso went futile as this reporter’s repeated calls went answered.


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