Tororo MP Survives Lynching By NRM Flag Bearer


By Matthew Okello




The Tororo county North MP Annet Nyaketcho on Saturday survived being beaten by her rival and NRM parliamentary flag bearer Godfrey Othieno on accusations of defamation.


The duo was among the leaders selected to attend a campaign meeting of NRM party in Elgon View primary school grounds where they were to meet the party presidential flag bearer, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.


As the team in Elgon View was waiting for the arrival of the flag bearer, the master of ceremony gave the flag bearers to speak to the party supporters.


While in the podium, Othieno accused Nyaketcho of meddling with the NRM party politics in the constituency and using dubious means to win elections.


On hearing this, Nyaketcho quickly jumped up to defend herself where she asked Othieno not to forget all the support she has gave him during the recently concluded NRM party primaries.


Nyaketcho told off Othieno before different party leaders from the district of Butaleja, Budaka and Tororo that she financed Othieno financially and in the mobilization of voters during the NRM Party primaries.


Upon hearing this, Othieno rose in anger and advanced towards Nyaketcho with the intention of beating her for what he called false accusations.


Othieno was immediately intercepted by party leaders including the Tororo district acting chairperson, Stella Imukutet who used her Gomesi to block Othieno’s blows.


Othieno then accused Nyaketcho of spreading falsehoods against him arguing that it’s the people of Tororo county North who voted him into office and not Nyaketcho who claims she supported him to win the flag.


He threatened to flog Nyaketcho wherever they meet. This statement left Nyaketcho timid and for fear of her life was among the last people to leave the venue 30 minutes after Othieno had left.


It’s believed that Nyaketcho financially helped Othieno carry the NRM flag with an agreement that he will step down in favour of Nyaketcho at the general elections.


Both are contesting for the parliamentary seat in Tororo county North constituency.


The MP of Iki-Iki County in Budaka district, Robert Kasolo upon seeing the embarrassment caused by Tororo leaders asked the office of the secretary general to consider regrouping them with the Elgon region.


He argued that they are tired as people of Budaka to be grouped with Tororo that has always a shamed them.


He says as the people of Budaka, they would want to raise their own issues to the president but the environment created by Tororo people makes it hard.


Richard Todwong, the NRM Deputy Secretary General just laughed off and later said in the presence of the President that he never knew Tororo people can quarrel in the manner they did.

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