Bamasaba Clan Heads Move To Stop New Umkhukha Elections

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Clan leaders under Masaba Cultural Institution have taken steps to stop the Mushikori faction from holding parallel Umkhukha elections scheduled for 11th December 2020.


Led by Wilson Wedayila, the Speaker of the Institution, the leaders yesterday Tuesday 1st December 2020 wrote to Mbale Resident District Commissioner (RDC) to stop the planned election of a new cultural leader.


Earlier last week, the Bob Mushikori faction declared 11th /12/2020 as the date for electing a new cultural leader [Umukuka] following the term of office expiry of Bobi Mushikori in June this year.


According to Geoffrey Wepondi, the General Secretary of Masaba cultural institution allied to Mushikori, candidates that will compete for the Cultural post include;  Amron John Wagabyalira from the Halasi clan, Patrick Mazina Womakuyu from Lagu clan, Gregory Mafabi Gidayui from Sulan clan and Mike Jude Mudoma from the Muyobo clan.


Mudoma was last month installed as the new Masaba cultural leader by a faction of clan leaders at the sports club.

Mike Mudoma being installed on Saturday 21st November 2020 at Sports Club in Mbale City

However, the Bob Mushikori faction has till to date refused to recognize his election calling him an impostor.


While speaking to media today in a press conference at his office yesterday 1st December 2020, located at Naboa road in Mbale city, Wedayila said they have written to the office of the Mbale RDC to stop the planned exercise of electing new cultural leader [Umukuka] since it’s illegal and aimed at causing insecurity in Masaba land.


He reiterated that clan leaders have already elected, sworn in and installed Mike Mudoma as new Masaba cultural leader [Umukuka] to replace Mushikori, the current one so the they see no reason for electing another one.


Wedayila accused Mushikori of refusing to leave office yet his term ended in June this year.


The speaker warned that the RDC doesn’t stop the planned elections, there will be a very big demonstration and conflicts between Bamasaaba, clan leaders and followers.



However, Suliman Ogajo, the RDC of Mbale distanced himself from the two factions saying government is not allowed to involve in cultural matters urging them to sit on a round table and iron out their differences.


He added that his office will only come in if there is a security threat.


Meanwhile, Mathias Nabuteri, the Deputy Prime Minister of Masaba Cultural Institution claimed the letter written to RDC is an empty threat.


“For us as Masaba cultural institution, we are moving on smoothly with arrangements of electing the new Umukhuka on 11/12/202 as earlier planned,” he said.


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