Despite My Beauty, No Man Wants To Marry Me – WINNIE NWAGI


By Judith Nasenya



Winnie Nwagi has revealed that “she’s single and tired of meeting new people” and might maintain the status quo for a long time.


Appearing in a candid interview on Dance with Valentino, a new thrilling dance TV show that air’s on NTV on Sunday 29th November, 2020, the Musaawo singer said;


“They all want me, but none of them wants me for a wife.”


The “Everything’ Singer also opened up on a recent breakup saying; “He treated me so sweetly, and showered me with all the love, l honestly thought he was the one,” she recounted.



“Then one morning, he calls me saying he’s actually in love with another woman and wants nothing to do with me anymore.” Winnie lamented.


“Now that one I was just getting to know them, and boom, they are gone!” She told Valentino Richard Kabenge, the Host of the show.


She, however, was quick to note that “there are still good men out there,” going ahead to admit she’s probably just unlucky at finding them.


While the singer preferred to leave out specific details to give viewers clues on the man who shattered her heart, some hints had fans rummaging through her social media page to confirm what they think they know.


While she has recently been linked to a number of men, fans were quick to share that it could be one singer, with whom she collaborated on a 2019 hit song.

In the interview, she alluded to “stepping out in public while holding hands with this mystery man.”


On what she’s doing with her single life; the ” Musawo” hit maker said that she’s doing the most to love herself more, have fun and spend quality time with her daughter.


Dance with Valentino is shaping up to be, not just a dance show, but a conversation aimed at tackling social issues such as loss, heartbreak domestic violence and more.  The show airs on Sunday at 6:30pm on NTV.



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