Police, Bobi Wine Supporters Face Off Ahead Of Manafwa Campaign Rally

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Police and UPDF have heavily deployed in Manafwa this morning ahead of expected campaign visit of Robert Kyagulanyi, the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential flag bearer in the area.

PRO Elgon sub region, Tukei speaking to the media in Manafwa this morning

According to Robert Tukei, the acting police spokesperson of Elgon region, the deployment is normal and urged people in the area to be calm and continue with their normal business.


He added that the deployment is going to ensure that there are no processions, diversion of routes as guided by security and having a rally of not more than 200 people as directed by the electoral commission.


Tukei also urged Kyagulanyi, NUP leaders from Manafwa, and supporters to abide by police directives such that they cannot force them to use reasonable force which can cause death of innocent people like in his previous campaigns in other districts.



However, Abasa Wetaka, the NUP coordinator Elgon region has quashed police directives saying that they are ready to defy them since they are illegal.


He adds that their campaigns are going to be like previous ones where they will be massive rally.


Wetaka says they will hold their mass rally at Mayanze playground in Manafwa Town Council since they expect lots of their supporters from Manafwa and neighboring districts of Bududa and Mbale.


Wetaka blamed the police for behaving in partisan ways by allowing only NRM to hold rallies but stop them from doing the same yet it’s the work of the electoral commission.


Robert Kyagulanyi is expected in Manafwa today at for campaigning after Kibuku and Budaka.




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