COVID-19! Bugisu Elders Root For Family Circumcision


By Nakanwagi Olivier Mukaaya




Bugisu elders have asked the Bamasaba to carry out circumcision within their families in order to adhere to health guidelines as per COVID 19 pandemic.



Matia Nabuteele, the Deputy Prime Minister Office of Umukuuka yesterday 3rd December, 2020 said its 100 years down the road and circumcision festivals have been going on smoothly.


“However, because of Corona virus we are proposing that our people do home or hospital circumcision though we are going to sensitize the public on how it should be done,” he said.


He added; “Corona virus is not something new because in 1919 there was famine outbreak and Spanish flu which changed the Bamasaba culture from odd to even years.”



He appealed to Bamasaba to strictly follow the government and health guidelines.


John Musila, the chairperson LCV Manafwa District said Bamasaba should circumcise but scientifically.


“The government has not stopped circumcision, therefore we can go ahead to circumcise as before but because of the pandemic it should be within families,” he said.



Musila further noted that even in 1919 Spanish flu affected the Imbalu festival where people didn’t circumcise until 1920 and that’s even year turned to be circumcision year.


He appealed to the Bamasaba to do away with public gatherings and support government in the fight against this deadly disease.


Rex Wangolo, the chairperson LC 111 Manafwa district however blamed the Inzyu ya Masaba for not doing a lot.


The month of circumcision is on and everybody is anxious because this is where people meet and celebrate their culture,” he said.


He added; “they should come up with their own guidelines as inzu ya Masaba and boldly tell people what’s to be done rather than keeping quiet and watching.”


Benard Mutuma, a resident of Miremebe cell in Mbale district said though Circumcision has been bringing people together through sharing food and drinks, it’s high time to think about the health of people.




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