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POLITICAL ACROBAT! How NRM Flag Bearer Convinced Rival To Sponsor His Party Primary Campaigns


By Markson Omagor


Recently this website ran a story of how the Tororo County North MP Annet Nyaketcho survived being beaten by her rival and NRM parliamentary flag bearer, Godfrey Othieno.

The Tororo county North MP Annet Nyaketcho was duped by Othiono

Well that was just a tip of the iceberg.


This website has learnt that Othieno is not only shrewd but is a political acrobat who managed to convince Nyaketcho to fund his Party primary campaigns and yet they are competing for the same seat.


For starters, Godfrey Othieno competed in the NRM Party primaries to represent Tororo County North in Parliament. Nyaketcho is the incumbent MP who crossed to Mugisha Muntu’s Alliance for Transformation but is contesting as an independent.


Nyaketcho is contesting to retain the same seat.

So how did Othieno convince an opponent to bankroll his campaigns?


Othieno first rose to politics in 2015 when he competed in the NRM party primaries and surprisingly won the ticket. However, in the general elections, Othieno lost to the same Nyaketcho.


After that loss, Othieno blamed the NRM Party structure in the district of aiding Nyaketcho to beat him. He called the NRM leaders corrupt, probably alluding to the fact that Nyaketcho who was an independent bribed the party leadership.


A teacher by profession, Othieno repeated the same allegations during President Museveni’s campaign rally at Elgon View Primary School last week.


According to our investigating team, Othieno approached Nyaketcho who has a stronger financial muscle with a tempting suggestion.


He told Nyaketcho, that all he wanted was to maintain the NRM Flag for Tororo County North Constituency. He convinced Nyaketcho because he claimed he only wanted the flag in order to remain politically relevant. (For those who know how Ugandan politics plays out, should know the advantages of being politically relevant.)


Convinced Nyaketcho opened the safe and financed Othieono’s party primary campaigns.


In fact according to Nyaketcho, she did not only provide money but also delivered her political structure to campaign for Othieno. And this they did very well as evidenced by Othieno’s win.


However, after getting the NRM Party flag, Othieno went back against his word and is now in full swing campaigns to go to Parliament and one of his rivals is the same Nyaketcho who financed his party primary elections.


Angered to the marrow, Nyaketcho used last week’s opportunity to embarrass Othieno.

Nyaketcho told Othieno infront of all NRM leaders frob Bukedi sub region not to forget all the support she had given him including in the recently concluded party primaries.


Nyaketcho told off Othieno before different party leaders from the district of Butaleja, Budaka and Tororo that she has been supporting Othieno financially and even in the mobilization of voters


Upon hearing this, Othieno emotionally rose and advanced towards Nyaketcho with the intentions of beating her for what he called false accusations.


However, our team is in possession of a meeting recording where Othieno made the agreement with Nyaketcho.


Othieno now accuses Nyaketcho of spreading falsehoods against him arguing that it’s the people of Tororo county North who voted him into office and not Nyaketcho who claims she supported him to win the flag.




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