Local Councilors’ Allowances To Be Chopped As Numbers Increase


By Matthew Okello




Tororo District Councilors will have their allowances reduced in the next LCV term if revenue sources are not widened.


This revelation was made last Friday by Tororo district assistant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Jackson Osudo.



Osudo told this website that Tororo district local government through the finance department has constituted a finance task force to carry out feasibility study on different tax avenues aimed at bailing out the district from financial constraints it’s headed for.


Currently Tororo district has a total of 41 councilors with each being paid 70,000 for transport allowance and 300,000 for every sitting.


Osudo who is also the district communication officer said that the 2021-2026 council is going to attract a total of 74 councilors including the district chairperson meaning at the rate of 370,000, the district will have to part with over 27million per sitting.


Osudo adds that this development comes at a time when majority of lower administrative units that earned the district revenue have been uplifted to town councils where no revenue will be remitted to the district.


This he said poses even a bigger challenge in paying the big number of yet to be voted councilors.


To solve this problem, Osudo said the district has instituted task force that will exhaust other tax avenues so that the district can be in position to move forward amidst the impending challenges


He also announced that they intend to reduce the councilor’s emoluments to cater for the crisis.


According to Osudo, Tororo district currently has over 43 sub counties inclusive of town councils with Tororo county South having the largest number of 9, Tororo county North with 7, West South 7, West Budama North, Central and North East all have 6 and two divisions of Tororo municipality.


Asked how they are prepared to handle council with COVID 19, Osudo said the district is currently being spread at a weekly basis and sanitizers have been availed in every office at the district headquarters.


He also announced that the district is currently in high gear to construct different administrative units in the new sub counties and town councils so that they can be fully operationalized after elections.



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