WILD! 42 Year Old Teacher Rapes Dumb and Deaf Imbecile, Arrested


By Solomon Hamala




Police in Iganga have arrested a 42 year old primary school teacher for raping a dumb and deaf imbecile.


The horny teacher who has been identified as Joseph Basalirwa, a resident of Bwanalira village, and teaches at Buwasa Primary school in Bulamagi sub county Iganga was arrested on Tuesday 8th December after a long chase.


His arrest was prompted by a case filed by the victim’s mother on file number SD04/06/12/2020 against the teacher having caught him red handed watering the victim’s womanhood in June this year.


He is said to have lured the victim into the act with sweets and mandazi that were also found at the scene, in the bush.


The teacher who has since been elusive was arrested on Tuesday by the authorities through their intelligence and detained at Iganga CPS.


The police spokesperson Iganga, James Mubi confirmed Basalirwa’s arrest and the allegations against him.


“He is said to have been caught in the act munching the innocent girl. Reports from the medics indicate he infected her with HIV, and also ballooned her,” Mubi said adding that Basalirwa is being charged for aggregated rape, and will appear before the Chief Magistrate’s court soonest.


Parents of pupils at the school have since expressed fear for their daughters saying that the horny Basalirwa might not spare their young yoyos and asked the authorities to terminate Basalirwa’s contract.


Residents at his area of residence have also pinned Basalirwa for tormenting their wives and daughters’ yoyos.


“He’s always feasting on our wives and children. We actually want him to leave this village,” one angry Magumba Musa whose wife is a victim said.


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